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Trending just got a whole lot better. Three times better.

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Some of the cool stuff you'll enjoy on Trinkly.

Top 3 Everything

Team won? Create a Trink with the top 3 best touchdowns of the game. Feeling like rocking out? Post your top 3 favorite '70s songs. Only on Trinkly.

Twitter Sign In

Not to fear, you don't need yet another social network account to get cracking. With Trinkly, you're free to sign up how you please. The best part- your Twitter followers are automagically followed if they're on Trinkly!

Familiar Actions

Star a Trink to show appreciation, comment and you're instantly part of the conversation. Follow and block, just like you're used to.

Trending Reimagined

We think trending as you know it is kinda boring. Here at Trinkly we are on a mission to change that.

Share Your Thoughts

Enjoy 'The Walking Dead' too? Let the original Trinker know! Fill-in your own top 3 choices. It's just a tap away.

Trink Anywhere, Anytime

Look out for Trinkly on your iPhone, Android, and computer!

The Team

We are a small team building this awesome thing. We think you're gonna love it.


Nimit Kalra


Jack Robinson


Simeon Kachikwu


Feel free to drop us a line or two anytime!

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